The Woodlawn Sportsmen’s Club, Inc. was incorporated on December 31, 1948 in Albany County, New York.  The Woodlawn Sportsmen’s Club, Inc. aka “Woodlawn” has been in operation for more than 60 years and is incorporated as a Domestic Not-For-Profit Corporation.  The Club operates as a “Members Only” organization (with exceptions noted below) dedicated to fellowship, training & education.  Safety is our number one priority.  

Woodlawn currently conducts all of its activities and programs on a 20-acre site located just south of the New York State Thruway at 3367 East Lydius Street, Schenectady, New York 12303.  Many of the Club’s activities and leagues are open to the general public. 

Woodlawn has three outdoor ranges for firearms: 117-yard range for rifle/shotgun; 25-yard range for handguns & .22 rimfire; 5-point Trap field (shotgun).  Archery includes field and 3D ranges.   Trap is the only range where shooting is conducted after sundown; late in the year when sundown arrives earlier in the evening we turn on the overhead lights and continue shooting after sundown. This is only conducted on Wednesday nights and is not allowed for personal shooting. 

embers have access to club facilities every day (with few exceptions). Guests are welcome to enjoy our facilities during events that are open to the public. In addition, everyone is welcome to participate in a range of training, safety and educational programs. 

Trap offers an activity for shooters that are both new to shotguns and want to learn the basics or for those with years of shotgun knowledge. Many of our newer Trap shooters started enjoying the sport without any prior extensive firearms experience.  

We also have events and competitions for archery, rifle and pistol enthusiasts. This is merely a brief summary of our events. 
The Woodlawn Sportsmen’s Club is an avid supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project and Camp Colby.

a) to further the propagation and conservation of game and non-game mammals, fish and   birds;

b) to encourage the enactment and support the enforcement of beneficial fish and game laws; 

c) to secure the repeal of laws detrimental to the maintaining of viable wildlife populations and scientifically managed hunting, fishing, and trapping; 

d) to promote prevention of soil erosion, encourage the reforestation of abandoned land and the conservation of natural resources; 

e) to encourage and instruct responsible persons in the safe and proper use of firearms and archery equipment; 

f) to sponsor, supervise, and arrange public exhibitions of the field and stream sports, and conduct shooting matches; and 

g) to steadfastly oppose legislation which encroaches upon the Second Amendment guaranteed right of the people to possess and use small arms for self-defense and recreation.