The Woodlawn Sportsmen’s Club has been in operation for more than 60 years and is dedicated to fellowship, training & education.  Safety is our number one priority.  

Woodlawn currently conducts all of its activities and programs on a 20-acre site located in Guilderland, NY.  The Club operates as a “Members Only” organization, however many of the Club’s activities and leagues are open to the general public. Guests are welcome to enjoy our facilities during events that are open to the public.

Woodlawn has three outdoor ranges for firearms: 117-yard range for rifle/shotgun; 25-yard range for handguns & .22 rimfire; 5-point Trap field (shotgun).  Archery includes field and 3D ranges.

We have events and competitions for trap shooting, archery, rifle and pistol enthusiasts. This is merely a brief summary of our events. Please explore the site for more information and details.

Time Sensitive Notifications

We are looking for two children to sponsor for DEC Camps this year.  If interested, they need to sign up by DEC 10.

Club Announcements

The next Membership Meeting will be Monday December 17th

Pistol league information has been updated.  See it's page on this site for more info.

Special note from our board:


The nominating committee again has returned its report without finding any one who will volunteer to take on the offices necessary for our club to function. Again, the existing slate of officers will be nominated and the existence of the club remains in doubt. Without new participation it seems doubtful that we can continue beyond 2019 the work is not difficult and does not need to interfere with daily life. We have what the Board of Directors feel is one of if not the best facility of its type in the area and would hate to loose the enjoyment and safety it brings.

Most of the officers have served decades on the Board of Directors in one position or another. Many are life members 65 or older, some are in their 70’s. In the past year one officer has passed and another has suffered a debilitating illness. These people serve, not because they have nothing better to do, but because the club, it functions and services, are very important to them.  Many of us on the Board are tired of providing a facility for those of you who think paying your dues is all that is necessary for the club to operate well.

Essentially only 10-15 % of the membership regularly attends meetings and only 5 % of the regular members contribute to the operation of the organization.    This level of participation will not allow the club to continue to function. When we are no longer able to fill committee chairs and Board of Directors seats         the remaining Board of Director members will eliminate functions and then close and lock the doors.    

Please show up at the December 17, 2018 regular meeting determined to step up and preserve the Woodlawn Sportsmen’s Club.            

                                                                                    Sincerely; for the Board of Directors:

                                                                                    Michael J Sheedy, President

Website notes:
If you have something additional you'd like to see on the website, please let us know.

An important note from our Secretary: "Accurate member contact information is crucial to running the club smoothly.  If your contact info changes please let us know by emailing the club,  Please verify your information on the rolls posted near the log book when you visit the club.

Email greatly simplifies the required effort to communicate with our membership.  Please provide a valid email address if you use email.

Thank you,
Don Steciak, Recording Secretary"